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Quicker & Pragmatic Decision Making for Environmental Clearances

Swift & Policy-based decision making to help faster clearances while conserving environment

The NDA government is a clear break from the past when it comes to decision making. The decisions are clearly guided by the policy framework, hence eliminating arbitrariness & at the time the decisions are swift without unnecessary delays. An important aspect of the decision making has been it’s remarkable transparency hence nullifying the arbitrary or irrational clearances, which will go a long way in conserving nature.

Online submission of Environment clearances has been introduced in order to introduce transparency, accountability and predictability in the process of Environment Clearances. Online filing and monitoring has also been introduced in the process of Forest Clearances.

With the commitment to federalism & decentralization, State level Environment Impact Assessment Authorities have been given more powers to ensure speedy decisions.

General approval for defence projects in Border areas upto 100km from LAC (Line of Actual Control) has been introduced to facilitate speedy implementation. General approval for infrastructure projects (for diversion of forest land upto 5 hectares) in the areas of LWE (Left Wing Extremism) districts has also been introduced to expedite the work.

This government believes in faster clearances wherever the case is fit while going the extra mile to conserve the environment.

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