The wheels of change are fast moving! From quick decision making to concrete action on the ground level, from improved productivity to India's stature on the world stage increasing…India is truly undergoing phenomenal transformation!
This site takes you through a period of hope and action that has set the foundations of a modern, developed and inclusive India!
Real, Concrete Action started happening at the ground level. From faster & efficient decision making to improving productivity & performance, India is witnessing speed & energy seen never before.
Today, the people of India have a renewed sense of hope. Hope for a better life, hope for a better future & hope for a better country. This sense of optimism is visible across all sections & segments of the society.
While the strong leader in Shri Modi is clearly there for all to see, the last 100 days also opened up an interesting facet of his personality. We also got glimpses of the common man within the Prime Minister, his softness & emotional side.
Since becoming the PM, every step that Shri Modi has taken has improved our relations with other nations while securing our strategic interests and also enhanced India's stature & standing on the international stage.
An assortment of popular speeches, quotes, images, testimonials, tweets from the last 100 days